Wednesday, May 07, 2014

A Queer Little Conspiracy Theory

A Queer Little Conspiracy Theory

Last week, it was mentioned in the press several times that the military was encouraging more service members to report sexual assaults. The reports were saying while there were more women reporting sexual assaults they wanted more men to report them. The idea being that most assaults aren’t being reported.

I have a theory on why they want more reports from male service members. As you know Obama and his team of degenerates have allowed queers to serve openly in the military. Obviously there will be more men being sexually assaulted by the perverts.

When those assaults do increase, the homo lobby will claim that it isn’t because of sodomites openly serving, it’s because the military has encouraged men to report the assaults, they were afraid to report in the past.

Seeking more reports from men is just another way to make excuses for the damage that will result from having fudge-packers serving openly in Our armed services.



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