Monday, July 13, 2009

Libertarians (for peace) Against B. Hussein Obama

On 20 June 2008, I attended a talk sponsored by the Libertarians for “Peace” and put on at the “Peace” resources Center in Seaside, California.

The main speaker was Libertarian Anthony Gregory and was titled “Is the new boss the same as the old boss: has Obama kept his promises”

Such a talk would never be given by any of the other “Peace” Coalition (PC) members. Some of the PC people would oppose b.o, but would never have the stones to say so publicly for fear of being labeled “racist” or Heaven forbid, Republican.

I spoke briefly with Gregory before the talk after he told me he liked my hat (Which had “NRA” embroidered on it”).

Unlike any speech that would be given by anyone in the PC crowd, Gregory points out that some of the policies the left bashes Bush for were started under Clinton. One of which was the “renditions” program, where the CIA took captured terrorists to countries where actual torture (not water boarding) was allowed. Gregory pointed out this program started under Clinton and was expanded under Bush. Of course, there wasn’t a peep from the Left when Clinton was using the program. The program currently continues under b.o. also, without a peep from the left.

Gregory displayed a lack of honesty (i.e. lied) when he claimed the “Right” has only recently become concerned with big government and the Constitution. A more honest person would have said while some Bush-bots have recently been concerned about big government since b.o. has gotten into office, real Conservatives also opposed Bush’s Big Government spending programs..

Gregory claims he never voted for anyone who’s ever killed anyone, something I as see nothing to brag about.

Obviously, there are some people worth killing, or a better way of putting it would be there are some causes worth killing for.

Gregory pointed out that b.o. attempted to block lawsuits dealing with “illegal” wiretaps and keeps the log of visitors to the White House secret, broke his promise to post bills 5 days prior to him signing them, all of this after promising his administration would be one of “transparency”. Kind of reminds you of how Clinton claimed his administration would be the most ethical one.

(I predicted several years ago, shortly after the Demoncrats won a majority in Congress that you would hear very little about the Patriot Act unless a Republican (or McCain) won the 2008 election. I’m predicting now that the Demoncrats will use the Patriot Act against Conservative groups, especially if they can’t get their “hate” (thought) Crimes legislation passed.)

Gregory also mentioned that b.o.’s CIA Director Leon Panetta supported destruction of CIA interrogation videos. Given the dubious loyalty to This Country some of the Reds in Congress have, the CIA would be suicidal to give them all of their information.

I’ve heard one liberal describe Libertarians as Republicans who want to smoke dope, so accordingly, Gregory whined about b.o. making fun of dopers who posted they wanted him to legalize dope on his website.

Gregory also mentioned that Cal Thomas and Bush were against the raids on “medical” marijuana clinics and gave the usual b.s. reasons to explain why dope should be legalized.

Gregory whined about Cheney and b.o. agreeing that the U.S. has the right to defend itself. Gregory mentioned that most of the people freed from Gitmo (so far) were released under Bush. (Some of whom ended up back on the battlefield, fighting against coalition forces with Al Qaeda)

In following the usual left-wing talking point, Gregory calls the war in Iraq a “deluded act, mainly influenced by “Neocons””

Gregory whined on about how b.o. supports drone strikes on terrorist bases in Pakistan (which Pakistan apparently allows) and sniveled about b.o. supporting an anti-missile defense system (which if he said he supports, I doubt he actually means it.)

Gregory lost even more of his credibility when he said he wanted the U.S. to abolish its nuclear weapons, but he did gain a little bit of it back when, during the question and answer period he said the United nations was started by Stalinists (Which is probably why so many on the left support the UN)

I think this was in response to a question about the U.S. going through the UN to “solve” world problems.

One worthless, Marxist puke “Frank” told the crowd that the Soviets should threaten to nuke the U.S. and Israel if either one of them attacks Iran’s nuke sites.

I muttered under my breath “Jew-hating Communist” and the woman sitting next to me apparently agreed. She also seemed to scoff at some of the more outlandish statements uttered by some of the leftists.

One goofy nut (by goofy, I mean he obviously had mental issues beyond the usual liberal mental illness) said bush should face a firing squad.

Gregory responded that he was against the death penalty, which of course took away any credibility he gained by bashing the UN.

One Red said b.o. was a “centrist” and that “activists” (read: hard corps communists) needed to move him (more) to the left.

Gregory said that voters didn’t really want “change” or else they would have voted for Ron Paul. Ron Paul would have been “change”, but I don’t support all of the changes he would have tried to bring. However, he would have been a much, much better choice than McCain.

Gregory mentioned that 9-11 was the result of Clinton policies and that Americans really didn’t care about foreign deaths.

A woman mentioned that people gave b.o. a tremendous amount of slack and asked how that can be changed.

The goofy nut called for an armed revolution in the Country, something I’m starting to agree with, but obviously from a different perspective. My ideal end goal of armed revolt would be a total and physical separation of the left and Right in this Country.

One silly airhead said that b.o. has "brought the races together". (She didn't give any examples how) Gregory asked what has b.o. done since then.

I would add he hasn't even done that.

While b.o. has given the Reds and Libertarians For Peace a few things to snivel about, I'm sure the reds will be pleased at what he does to This Country. By that I mean, destroy It.



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