Monday, December 28, 2009

Kwanzaa: Celebrating Racism

When I first heard about Kwanzaa, back when I was in my pre-teen years it sounded to me like an attempt by race-baiting Black activists to have a holiday similar to, but completely separate from the “White” Christmas holiday. In other words, a way to build a greater divide between Blacks and Whites, and I never took it seriously or even as a legitimate holiday.

It wasn’t until twenty years or more later that I found that what I thought instinctively was in fact, true.

Kwanzaa was the “brainchild” of professional race-baiting activist and criminal Ron Korenga. (Formerly Ronald Everett) Korenga formed a Black racist cult called the United Slaves, a group formed in opposition to the Black Panther party.

In 1970, Korenga and two of his followers were arrested for torturing two of his female followers. Korenga thought they were trying to poison him. But then again, Korenga did have some problems determining fact from fantasy.

A 1971 psychological profile of him described Korenga, “as a danger to society who is in need of prolonged custodial treatment in prison.” And that while he was legally sane, was not in complete touch with reality.

It’s amazing that any sane person would take a “holiday” created by this racist nut job as serious.

Kwanzaa, no thanks, I’ll stick with Christmas.

For those of you who’ve recently attended public schools or have liberals as parents, Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, also known as the Son of God who came to reconcile fallen Man with God.

Granted, the actual day The Christ was born is debated even by Christians and while the Christmas as celebrated in December may have been taken from a pagan holiday, there’s no debate that today, Christmas celebrates the Lord’s birth.

Christmas is a Holiday all races can celebrate.




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