Monday, July 13, 2009

B. Hussein Obama: Bringing the races Together???

You’ve heard it before and undoubtedly, you’ll hear it again that B. Hussein Obama “has brought the races together”. One hears that a lot from the mentally deficient, starry-eyed obama-worshippers.

I ask HOW???

Speaking for myself, I got along great with Whites before b.o. got into office. I get along great with them now. I dare to say, some of my best friends are White.

Are we to assume that Whites who didn’t like Blacks before b.o. got into office now love blacks and would be proud to have their daughters come to Thanksgiving dinner with their Black husbands? Are we to assume that the Blacks who blame Whites for all of their failures and disappointments in life now accept personnel responsibility for their accomplishments or lack thereof?

Has the KKK now thrown away their robes and the Nation of Islam traded in their bowties for neckties?

You’d have to be a simple-minded fool to think so.



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