Sunday, November 22, 2009

Has The GOP Moved too far to the Right? (Only if you’re a Marxist)

We’ve all heard it before the Republican Party is moving too far to the Right and is being taken over by Christian Fundamentalists. The people who say this fall into one of either two categories, the uniformed fools who actually believe a particular commonly held GOP stand is “extremist” and the shameless Marxist degenerates who want to fool the afore-mentioned group into going along with them out of fear of being labeled an “extremist” if they use their common sense.

Lately, within the 20 years or so two of the views labeled as only being held by “extremist” is opposition to queer “marriage” and the use of infanticide (abortion) as a method of birth control. The past ten years have added opposition to illegal aliens (and providing them with government handouts) and questioning the reality of “global warming” as “extremist” views. Since the election of B. Hussein Obama, opposition to socialized health care is labeled as “extremist”.

Those of us in the real world and who have been around for longer than say, two weeks realize that opposition to the above-mentioned social issues didn’t just start with the election of George Bush. (Either Big Bush or the Shrub)

Some of you may not know it but killing a baby as a form of birth control wasn’t always legal or even morally accepted. To be honest, abortion isn’t one of my main issues, mainly because it is usually liberal females who abort their children. To paraphrase one of the dons from The Godfather (The original one), liberals are animals. Let them lose their souls. My attempts at being kinder and gentler since I first thought those words haven’t been fruitful. However, I do think abortion should never have been legalized and it should again be criminalized.

The abortion lobby claims that banning abortions will lead to (slutty) women dying in back alleys due to botched abortions. I tend to think that instead, young (and older) women will think twice before jumping in bed with someone they aren’t planning to marry.

While on the subject of marriage, the label “extremist” is also placed on people opposed to queer “marriage”.

Years ago, perhaps 20-30 years ago, two men, two women or even an adult of either gender could marry a sheep or any four-legged creature of their choice. During those years before the “extremists” took over I remember attending many a wedding where two men or two women would stand in front of a pastor to be joined in (un)Holy matrimony and then go skipping down the isle, hand in hand for a life of bliss and possibly some bizarre sexually-transmitted disease.

Actually, NO! There have never been queer “marriages” in This Country and 10-20 years ago nearly everyone recognized homosexuality for what it was, an amoral, unnatural act performed by people with serious sexual identity problems.

Basically, the point I’m making is the Republican Party isn’t “moving to the Right”, much to my disappointment. As can be seen by “Republican” candidates like John McCain, “Republican” governors like Arnold Schwarzen-Kennedy, the party is moving to the left.

The problem the degenerates have is that it isn’t moving to the left far enough and there are real Republicans (at least until they switch to Independent) who will fight the RINOs every step of the way.




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