Monday, November 30, 2009

Prayer for B. Hussein Obama

Psalms: 109:8; Let his days be few; [and] let another take his office (KJV)

The above Bible verse has been adopted by many patriots as a prayer for B. Hussein Obama, and has been made into a (now, hard to find) bumper sticker.

As could have been expected, the Left, who generally don’t believe in The Bible or God in the first place sniveled and whined about the use of the Verse. There have even been a few misguided Christians and Conservatives who voiced their complaints about using this verse as a prayer
They claim that verse 8 is a coded way of calling for B. Hussein’s assassination and that the following verses call for bad things to happen to his children.
Oddly enough (not really), there wasn’t one peep from the Left when an actual movie was produced about the assassination of President George Bush.
No one using that verse as a prayer for B. Hussein intends it for “trolling for assassins” as one Christian commentator calls it, nor do we want any harm to come to his children
The hope and prayers of the people using that verse is for the days of B. Hussein in office to be few, i.e. removal by way of impeachment, perhaps due to him not being a U.S. citizen or removal from office by some other non-violent means.
Again, I mention how the left didn’t make ONE PEEP about the movie about Bush’s assassination.
I’ve attempted to find one of the bumper stickers and as of yet, have been unable to find one. apparently carried the stickers at one time but due to whining, and perhaps their political leanings have stopped carrying them.
While I buy most of my Conservative bumper stickers from and their section, CafePress also has a LeftWingStuff section, which tells me they’re mercenary and are only out for a buck and are either left-wing or that they have no particular political leanings. I personally prefer to deal with True Believers, but alas I haven’t been able to find the Obama prayer stickers on their sites either.
I came close using a website that customizes bumper stickers, but several days after placing the order, I received an e-mail from the telling me they were much too cowardly (granted, I’m paraphrasing) to print the sticker.
What the Left needs to accept is there are some Patriots, who care about This Country and aren’t going to silently stand by and let this Mocha Marxist destroy The Country.



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