Monday, September 21, 2009

Crying Racism is the new McCarthyism

First off, the title of my piece isn’t meant to give any credence to the Left-Wing slanders against Senator Joe McCarthy (Who was right), it’s meant to point out how the Left uses the false accusation of “racism” to silence any opposition to B. Hussein Obama’s Socialist agenda, in the same way they cried “McCarthyism!”, whenever someone points out their attempts to move This Country toward Communism.

One would think anyone would feel like a total fools for believing opposition to Obama equals “racism”, especially considering that Conservatives and some Moderates (Moderate means you’re only wrong half the time) opposed the Socialist agendas of the Clinton administration and the Socialist agendas proposed by the presidential campaigns of Gore and Kerry.

No, while some of the people crying “racism” are indeed simple-minded morons, that’s only part of the picture.

When people like John Conyers claim the KKK will be doing their night-riding again and Jimmy Carter, the worst president in U,S. History (pending the end of Obama’s term) rants about “racism”, one knows they don’t really believe that, it’s just their way of trying to silence the opposition.

For some reason, many Whites will say, do or believe anything to avoid being labeled “racist”. Many would probably be afraid to admit some of their best friends may be black, Hispanic, Jewish whatever, because in the mind of a Leftist, noticing the race of a minority is itself “racist”.

You may remember the reports in the news of “racists” showing up outside of the buildings where Obama was giving speech with their legal firearms. Not much airtime was given to the black man (No, it wasn’t me) who was carrying his legal firearm outside of an Obama speech.

Due in large part to the Tea Party events and non-liberal controlled talk shows, Obama’s agenda may be hitting some speed bumps.

Screams of “Racism” is just a desperate attempt by the Socialists to silence opposition to their agenda.




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