Monday, January 04, 2010

Lunch with a Liberal (Don’t do it.)

Being as I thoroughly despise liberals and barely consider most of them to be human beings, I would never knowingly date a liberal, but a mutual friend told me she was a Conservative. I don’t hold that against them, the woman (as are most liberals) was a bit deceitful.

I do have to admit, my “Spider sense” was going off a bit when we first met, as it sometimes does when I’m in the presence of liberals. I was a bit fooled by her during an earlier discussion with her when she said she was a gun owner and feared there were people (Her people I would have added had I known she was a liberal) who wanted to ban guns.

(Note: Many liberals, may nearly completely follow the liberal line, but still differ from the pack on one issue or another. That often fools some Conservatives into thinking that some liberals can be reasoned with and that we can work with them. Not so.)

Lunch began with her arriving 30-60 minutes late.

After a few pleasantries, she mentioned she was going to a local law college. I asked her if she knew one of the professors there, who I knew was a member of the National Lawyers Guild (NLG), an organization recognized by a Congressional Committee as a Communist Front group. This same individual is associated with several other far-Left causes and groups.

When I mentioned this professor was a Communist she asked me with a completely straight face, “What’s wrong with Communism?” The lunch date went downhill from there. I don’t remember what my response was, but generally government ownership and/or control of businesses that should remain private is a bad thing. Their habit of stifling speech and religion probably isn’t a good idea either.

She asked how I felt about certain issues like infanticide, AKA: abortion on demand, anytime, anyplace for any reason. I of course take the view that a baby shouldn’t be killed because the mother refuses to either keep her pants on or use protection.

Of course my liberal date feels that the baby is “Leeching” off of her body and that she has the “right” to murder it because carrying it to term would be an inconvenience to her.

Like most Black liberals, she is opposed to homosexual “marriage”, but on every other issue, she’s a typical liberal.

As liberals are wont to do and especially liberals who attend law schools that have professors who associate Communist front groups, she claims the “separation of Church and state” is in the Constitution. I pointed out that phrase does not appear in the Constitution. (I should have also added it isn’t even implied in the Constitution)

She insisted that it was and told me I could look it up. Unknown to her, I keep a copy of the Constitution in my vehicle. I retrieved my copy and showed her the First Amendment, which of course say nothing about the “separation of Church and state”. Still being in the state of denial (another liberal habit) she asked me where I got my copy and I told her it may have been from an NRA meeting.

The poor airhead told me I couldn’t believe anything coming from the NRA, as if they would put out their own edited version of the Constitution. Perhaps she thinks the NRA has some liberal habits.

She also commented on my bumper stickers. She told me it was dangerous for me to have them, stating some liberal may take a shot at me or attack me in some other violent way.

Her statement confirms another reason why liberals are dangerous, because many of them think it is ok to use violence to quiet any opposition to their agenda. I had another erstwhile friend who told me my vehicle should be vandalized because the bumper stickers were “Hate speech”.

Needless to say, me and this liberal won’t be dating anytime soon, but she still had no problem leting me pay for the meal.

Typical liberal.




Blogger FauxPas said...

Excellent *LOL*

I need to learn to keep a copy of the Constitution in my vehicle too!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A lot of good id did me (or rather her) in this instance.

You can lead a liberal to knowledge, but that won't lead them to think.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are an idiot! i wish your mother would have aborted you, then we would have one less idiot to deal with!

Anonymous Robot said...

Did you come up with that brilliant response all by yourself?

Truly inspired.


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