Sunday, January 17, 2010

Monterey Tea party Protest: We're BACK!!!

Monterey Tea Party Protest

I have a hunch you won’t be reading about this protest in local, Monterey County papers, but there was another Tea Party Protest at the Window-by-the-Bay in Monterey yesterday (16 January 2010).

My estimate is there were about 120-150 people attending. (Anyone who was there and has a more accurate count can correct me.)

The protest seemed to go rather smoothly for the most part. There was one brief confrontation between two of the attendees, one who was carrying a sign which said in part “Gays are afraid to debate me” and another who was apparently a sodomite and was offended by the sign. The argument was brief and I wasn’t close enough to hear much of the conversation. Eventually the apparent queer swished off back to where he came and the other gentleman disappeared to parts unknown. I never saw him for the rest of the protest. Even I would have to admit that a sign about queers is a bit out of place at a Tea Party protest which is generally meant to be a protest against big government and unconstitutional spending..

Many of the people passing by either waved or honked their horns in support of us. Of course if you were to believe Congressman Sam Farr(left) and his ilk, you would think there was little opposition to the attempted government take over of health “care”.

Speaking of Farr(left) and his ilk, I overheard one of his mindless minions at the Sand City Border's calling Republicans “know nothings” because they’re opposed to government health care (and rationing).

But then again it was Farr(left) who claimed people opposed to government health care “didn’t care” about those less fortunate. But what can one expect from the Prince of Pork and his followers.




Anonymous HT said...

I expect to see the Tea Party folks rise up and take to protest immediately over this!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would they? The Supreme Court ruled (suprisingly) in favor of the First Amendment.



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