Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Truancy as Political Protest

Last week in Monterey California a large group of high school students walked out of class onto the streets of Monterey delaying traffic (including me). Instead of arresting the truants, the Monterey Police department blocked traffic for them.

The walkout was in protest over a plan by the school district to transfer some of the teachers from Monterey schools to teach in schools in the district, whose performance isn’t up to state (?) standards. That is, if I understand the situation correctly.

Whatever their reason, students shouldn’t be able to just leave class without permission AND HOLD ME UP IN TRAFFIC (One of the unpardonable sins) without being punished!!

Days later, in the Monterey County Herald, a local left-wing rag that fancies itself a serious newspaper printed a letter from an airhead who complimented the students for their law-breaking.

In the Herald’s online comments section I wrote:

“Didn't the "walkout" make the students truants? Why were the police blocking traffic for them rather than arresting them?”

A person by the screen name of Think Again (Whom I doubt does much thinking at all) wrote:

“They were no more truants than the Mexican kids at Live Oak High School, who walked out in protest of the 5 boys wearing the American flag. They weren't arrested, either. However, the students protesting the teacher swap have far more supporters than the Mexican kids, who walked out of school.”

My response was:

“Both groups were truants, unless their absences were excused. As for the group of Mexican students who left school in protest over 5 AMERICAN students, in an AMERICAN school, who chose to wear AMERICAN FLAGS on their t-shirts, they should have also packed a few tacos and kept walking until their asses were back in Mexico.”

(More on that in a later post)

I’m sure following responses will of course, accuse me of being “racist”, but I tend to think truancy shouldn’t be encouraged, unless of course the truancy is in response to a cause I support.




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