Thursday, April 08, 2010

Tea Party Groups: Beware of Infiltrators

This is not news to many in the Tea Party movement, but several left-wing organizations plan to infiltrate and disrupt the tax day Tea Party protests. The Left’s usual tactic when trashing Conservatives is to accuse them of “racism”. This has been especially true since the first African-American (who is probably much more African than he is American) had been elected president. Also as everyone knows by now he is also the most leftist. In actuality, he’s a Communist, but so far he can only get away with being a socialist. Not that there is much difference between the two.

In B. Hussein Obama, the left has the perfect instrument to drag This Country down into being another Cuba or Venezuela. They will accuse anyone who opposes his leftist agenda of being “racist”. Never mind that any white president proposing the same policies would also be opposed.

When Comrade Clinton and wife tried to implement the government takeover of health “care” he was also opposed.

So, what do liberals do when they don’t have any real evidence of racism to blame on Conservatives? They try to instigate racist responses as they did when members of the Black Caucus paraded past Tea Party protesters when they were about to cast their votes for Obamacare.

One problem with the Left is that they are so deluded that they often start to believe their own propaganda.

The Congressional Reds actually believed the protesters would start screaming the “n” word at the Black Caucus members.

When, in spite of the numerous video cameras, some even held by Black Caucus members not one racial slur was recorded, they still lied and claimed racial epithets were hurled at them. One congressman even claimed initially, that one of the protesters spit on him. Of course the “spitting” wasn’t recorded on video either and the congressman backed down on his claim after being caught in his lie.

Enter the Tea Party crashers.

One left-wing website, after claiming Tea Party members are, you guessed it, “racists”, “homophobes”, “morons” etc., incites left-wing activists to show up at Tea Party protests with miss-spelled signs and make wild statements to the press. Their plan is to make the Tea Party members look like the false stereotype they themselves made up.

It was V.I Lenin who suggested such tactics in his writings, stating that party activists should try to associate their opposition with people who are already disliked by most in the general public.

The Trash the Tea Party site states their activists have already infiltrated Tea Party groups and plan to use their inside information to disrupt the protests.

On a side note, I’ve noticed liberals also like to enter Conservative discussion groups and introduce their left-wing agenda as true “Conservative” goals and claim anyone who thinks different is actually a “Neocon” (who in actuality tend to be liberal) or an “extremist”.

Make you glad these “people” respect free speech and the democratic process.

The Tea Party crashing events are planned nationwide and there is a possibility they will also try to crash the local Tea Party events.

I’m just saying beware and especially watch out for newcomers to the events.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

DeepWheat sez:
Immediately after Sean Hannity reported this item on his radio show, I checked "" on my smartphone, and confirmed his description of the website. This morning (Sat Apr 10th) at 8am CDT, I thought to re-check the website before I went to the local Library for an American Majority Activist Training event, so I could "park" the webpage on my laptop to share it with other Tea Party members at the gathering (as we make our final plans for Tax Day)... but something funny happens now when I type in ""... my laptop gets re-directed to "", which is a perfectly legitimate website for one of the national Tea Party "umbrella" groups. It would appear that overnight, someone has been very busy behind-the-scenes...
Just to re-iterate: when I checked the "trash" site yesterday afternoon, it was indeed a subversive Alinsky-style monkey-wrench operation.
NOW, someone has installed a re-direct that forwards the domain to a legitimate Tea Party site, and the subversive material is beyond my ken to rediscover...
BUT, as an active participant in the Tea Party Movement, I sure think this amounts to a "net positive"! :-)

Blogger Cain said...

I saw the original site. I think with all of the attention put on the Trashers, their plan was pretty much trashed.


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