Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tea Party Folks, Beware of the LaRouche Cultists

It’s too late to warn people about Lyndon LaRouche cultists for today’s events , but they come to Tea Party events often and they can be used, whether it’s their intention or not to make the Tea Party movement look goofy.

Most people under 50 won’t know much about them. To be honest, I nearly forgot about them until I saw them at several Tea Party and local town hall events. They attended several of Congressman Sam Farr(left)’s town hall meetings holding copies of their magazine with b. hussein obama wearing a Hitler moustache. Also, at least at one of the town hall events held in Salinas, one of their members was coaching other LaRouchites when they came to the microphone to question Farr.

Obviously, B.O. is more of a Communist. However, LaRouche admires Communists and Socialists. He was at one time a member of the Trotskyite Communist Socialist Worker’s Party and a one time leader of a faction of the Students for a Democratic Society.

Years ago I read a copy of LaRouche’s publication, The New Federalist (5 Oct 98) where he called for an alliance between the United States and RED CHINA (!) in order to form a new world economic system. He also praised Red China’s economic policy. LaRouche is also a fan of FDR’s policies.
A supporter of Red China and FDR is a very bizarre, counter productive and very possibly embarrassing partner to have in the fight against an overreaching federal government.
Several good articles about Lyndon LaRouche can be found here:

I obtained other Information about LaRouche from reading his New federalist publication




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