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The California Primary, 8 June 2010:

The California Primary, 8 June 2010: God Save California (or at least rain down Your fire and give California a quick, merciful end and give me time to move to Arizona)

Governor’s Race: Three Bad Choices

It appears that the heads of the Illuminati met at the Bohemian Grove to plot on finding three gubernatorial candidates who would be the worst for California. After selecting them, they thought to themselves, “Indeed, these three verily suck, but even with these three, one of them may make a decision by accident that would actually benefit California”.

So they decided to dig even deeper and select three even worse candidates, Former governor Jerry (Moonbeam) Brown, Meg (nit)Whitman and Steve Poizner.

One would either have to be on dope, a Marxist or have recently received a lobotomy to seriously consider voting for Brown.

Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner are the two alleged Republican challengers to the Moonbeam. I seriously doubt and court of law would find enough evidence to convict either of them for being a Republican.

If the situation in California weren’t so serious, one would find amusement in RINOs (Republican In Name Only)Poizner and Whitman accusing each other of being a RINO.

Whitman, who was at one time supported amnesty for illegal aliens, is now talking tough about securing the border, even though she opposes the Arizona law.

Whitman, who is at least in her 50’s wasn’t even registered to vote prior to 2007 and now she wants us to believe she’s so concerned about the state of California, she deserves to be governor.

Whitman in 1999 donated $1000 to John Kerry, in 2002, donated $2000 to Demoncratic NY congressman Mike Honda and $4000 in 2003 to Barbara Boxer.

Whitman also bashed Reagan’s tax cuts and while CEO of Ebay, banned the site from publishing adds for firearms and firearm accessories.

She did however support Proposition 8, California’s anti-queer “marriage” initiative and supports parental notification prior to a minor having an abortion.

But, the final nail in Whitman’s coffin on why I won’t vote for her, the Monterey Coast Weekly, the most left-wing paper in Monterey County, other than The People’s Daily World endorses Whitman as the “Republican” candidate for governor.

Tom Campbell vs. Carly Fiorina vs. Chck DeVore.
Three people, calling themselves Republicans are running against Comrade Babs Boxer for U.S. Senate. One is a true Republican, one is a questionable Republican and the other isn’t even Republican enough to be considered a RINO.

The other “Republican” I’m speaking of is of course, Tom Campbell. For those who are completely lacking in morality and common sense, if you like Babs Boxer, you’ll love Tom Campbell. In fact, why would one bother with voting for Campbell as long as Boxer is in the senate? Arguably, Dizzy Dianne is more Republican than Campbell.

My choice is DeVore. His Conservative credentials are solid and proven, unlike Fiorina who has never held a public office. Fiorina supported the Wall Street bailout, left-wing, pro-La Raza Judge Sotomayer as a Supreme Court Justice, and opposes Arizona’s anti-illegal alien Law, and lastly she’s supported by faux Conservative Sarah Palin.

I can forgive Palin for running as a Conservative “beard” for notorious RINO John McCain and even supporting McCain over the true Conservative running for McCain’s senate seat, but I won’t forgive or excuse her for saying she would run with RINO Mitt Romney if he decided to run in 2012. Basically Palin endorsing Fiorina doesn’t exactly give me much confidence in her.

True she is ahead of DeVore in the polls and people claim DeVore “can’t win. It reminds me of the “McClintock can’t win” chant repeated over and over again by people who voted for Schwarzenegger over McClintoock, who was the true Republican running for governor.

Now Schwarzenegger had proven to be every bit as bad as Gray Davis. If everyone who claimed “McClintock couldn’t win” had actually voted for him we would have an actual Republican as governor.

I’m voting for DeVore. If Fiorina wins, I MAY consider voting for her in the general election.

Frankly, I getting so fed up with politics in California I may stop voting for candidates altogether and only vote of the propositions.

The 17th Congressional race:

Farr(Left) v. Jeff Taylor V. Gary Richard Arnold v. Pete Andresen

Sam Farr(Farr): Who in their right mind would vote for this Marxist union stooge?

Jeff Taylor: I like Taylor and his positions, but if I remember correctly, the last time Taylor ran against Farr, he stopped campaigning and switched his voter registration to Independent. I would still vote for him if a personal friend was not running for the same seat.

Gary Richard Arnold: Arnold is a personal friend of mine and while I disagree with him on some of his 9-11 conspiracy theories, I know I agree with him on just about every other issue and I know he won’t switch parties and stop campaigning.

Pete Andresen: Don’t know much about him except that he came into the last congressional race as a write-in candidate after Taylor, for the most part abandoned the race

State Propositions:

The main one I’m concerned about is Proposition 14 which would result in an open primary election. If this moronic proposition passes, a Demoncrat would be able to vote for a RINO in the primary so that even if their Demoncratic candidate loses in the general election they’ll get a RINO in office who will be no better than the Demoncrat.

To make it simpler, Sam Farr supporters could vote for RINO Tom Campell and if by some miracle Farr were to lose there would be another demoncrat, wearing a Republican beard in office. Near-Marxist, union stooge Sam Farr would have no problems getting the nomination even if a few Reds did vote for the RINO instead of Farr.

Not surprisingly, RINOs Arnold Schwarzenegger and Abel Maldonado support this proposition. Maldonado knows that more republicans are finally getting wise to him and it will be easier to win a primary is if Demoncrats are allowed to vote for him.

My post doesn’t cover all the candidates, propositions and issues, but I’m not really arrogant enough to believe I’ll change anyone opinions, but when this election is over and California is in the same sorry shape it’s in now, I can say I told you so.

L.Bryan Grasper



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