Thursday, May 29, 2014

Race-Activists Spearheading the War On Police

Several months ago I wrote a piece about the Right-Wing war against police. Several people pointed out that the “Conservatives” who hate police are usually more Libertarian than actual Conservatives. Nevertheless, while there are some “Conservatives” and Libertarians who hate police, NO ONE hates police more that left-wing race-activists do.

No matter how many murders and other violent crimes are committed in the ‘hoods and barrios, nothing upsets the hood rats more and gets them screaming into the streets than for them to hear about a fellow hood rat being shot by police. And where would expression of moral outrage be without the left-wing race-activists and ambulance-chasing lawyers.

You can always count on the race-activists to whip up the simple-minded masses into a frenzy by screaming “RACISM DISCRIMINATION, SOCIAL INJUSTICE!!! SEND MORE GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS!!!” And the masses, acting like trained seals follow along and chant whatever inane gibberish their keepers tell them too.

And that’s the situation we now have in Salinas California. Over the two months or so, there have been three incidents where police have fatally shot three armed people. (I got a kick out of one of the news articles posted online which read “police shoot unarmed man, armed with garden sheers) I believe those three are the only fatal shooting in Salinas so far. There have been over a dozen gang-related murders in Salinas this year and not a peep from the mob. There’s not a whole lot a race-activist can make money on when a Hispanic murders another Hispanic.

One note here, the barrio rats and the race activists are screaming racism because all three of the people shot by police were Hispanic. For those of you reading this from outside of the area, Salinas is about 70% Hispanic and nearly ALL of the gang-related shootings in Salinas are done by and against Hispanics.

Indeed, for them to play up Hispanic on Hispanic violence would mean they would have to actually address the issue and admit that not all the problems in the barrio (if any) are the result of White racism. The same applies to the two primary black racial-activist windbags (I suspect you all know the windbags I’m speaking of) who very rarely address the issue of black on black crime.

Speaking of crime in the ‘hood/barrio, when a hood rat murders another hood rat, nary a witness will step forward. When a hood rat is shot by police not only are there numerous witnesses, but hood rats who were nowhere near the incident will put down their 40 oz can of malt liquor long enough to tell you the “facts” about what happened. They’ll also give you their opinion, based on their years of law-enforcement experience, gained from watching cop movies and what they’ve been told by their friends and family members who’ve been arrested on how police should have handled an incident.

During a protest that turned into a riot last week in Salinas, a man was shot. When police arrived and started CPR on the man (who later died) one of the barrio rats threw a bottle at the officer, striking him in the head. And as usual, there were no witnesses to the shooting, or the assault on the police officer.

In a very bizarre turn of events, the Chief of Police for Salinas is asking for help from the U.S. Department of Justice's Community Relations Service. I know the chief is a very busy person, especially now, but he should notice that the US DOJ is run by Socialist activist, who was appointed by a Marxist, race-activist president. The only thing worse than a local, left-wing race-activist is a federal left-wing, race-activist.

I’m betting this won’t turn out well for the Salinas Police Department.




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