Saturday, July 12, 2014

Monterey Peninsula Republican Women’s groups, still infested with RINOs

Several days ago I went to a Republican women’s luncheon. More than a dozen years ago I used to attend these luncheons regularly until I found out that the Republican women’s clubs in Monterey County were infested with RINOs.

Back in either ’98 or ’99 when there was a battle between RINOs and real Republicans for control of the Monterey County Republican Central Committee, many of the “Republican’ women in these groups sided with the RINOs. During one of the meetings back then, one of the pitiful RINO airheads asked a guest speaker, “What are we going to do about these Conservative Christians? We can’t win elections with them.”

The RINOs eventually won control of the committee and I lost my seat. In fact, I was beaten like a bad puppy.

Now I only attend these meeting when they have a guest speaker that sounds interesting. For this luncheon, they had a woman who represented the Election Integrity project, a group that tries to fight voter fraud.

I was elated to see pro-life pamphlets on each of the tables. During previous luncheons, I found there were many pro-abortion women among these “Republican” women. I find this interesting because the vast majority of the women in these groups are far, far beyond child-bearing age.

My elation was short-lived when I found that one of my pro-life friends had placed the pamphlets and not by anyone officially associated with the Republican women’s group.

One of the women at my table began to talk about the RINO who will be running against Comrade Jerry Brown in the gubernatorial race. She quoted him as saying not all Republicans will agree with all of his positions, (translated that means, he’ll sell out on all of the important social issues) and that we should come together to “save’ California.

She went on to ramble about how we can’t win elections if “we” keep listening to the “Right-Wing”. Another woman chimed in, “Oh yes, the social issues are breaking up the Party.” The first woman said she’s pro-life but she would vote for a pro-abortion candidate so we can win elections on the fiscal issues, going on about the “big tent” gibberish.

Frankly, the Republican tent is getting too damn big when start selling out on abortion, queer “marriage” and opposition to illegal aliens.

By the way, most of the social issues RINOs and liberals (but I repeat myself) claim are “divisive” were just considered common sense 20-30 years ago. Up until recently, not even a Democrat would openly support queer “marriage”

Basically, the Monterey Peninsula Republican women’s groups are just as infested with RINOs as they were back at the turn of the century. After the meeting, I spoke with my pro-life friend, telling him California is a lost cause and I want to move out of this cursed state. He tells me I should have faith and that there is still hope for this state. If it weren’t for the good people who still live here (and because I still live here) there’s few things I would like to see more than California go up a huge mushroom cloud.


At least the speaker was good.




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