Monday, February 16, 2015

A Few Words on the Death Penalty (SPOILER ALERT: I’m for it!!!)

Several nights ago I was listening to a podcast on true crime. The host was interviewing the author of a book about a serial killer. Personally, I think anyone who has murdered multiple people should automatically get the death penalty. The only exception should be gangsters who have only murdered other gangsters and then become government informants.

Both the host and the author are opposed to the death penalty, even for the animal who was the subject of the night’s show.

These two simple-minded eunuchs repeated the usual load of gibberish farted out by the anti-death penalty crowd, “It’s not a deterrent”, “An innocent person may be executed”, “It’s too expensive”, “Life in prison is a greater punishment”, etc. Excuse the language (or don’t) these chicken**** cowards piss me off to no end and I come very, VERY close to wishing these idiots would become the victims of one of these animals. For the life of me, I can’t see the logic of having sympathy for these murderous savages.

I’ll address answer the death penalty myths I mentioned in order.

1)“It’s not a deterrent.”

I have yet to see a person who was properly executed ever commit a crime again. The purpose of the death penalty is both punishment and removing a murderous animal from civilized society. The death penalty would be more of a deterrent if the animals were actually executed in a timely manner. This Country doesn’t need electric chairs, This Country needs electric bleachers to catch up with the amount of murderers on death row.

2)“An innocent person may be executed.”

The anti-death penalty simpletons have yet to find any innocent person who was ever executed in recent times. By “recent times” I mean since the death penalty has been reestablished several decades ago.

3)“It’s too expensive.”

Really? The mindless fools who insist on endless and irrelevant appeals are complaining about how expensive the process is??? Don’t piss on my back and tell me it’s raining. Here’s a thought, how about limiting appeals to no longer than two years and even then, the appeals should be relevant in proving the criminal is actually innocent. Not appeals because the DA yawned during the murderers’ testimony.

4)“Life in prison is prison is more punishment, because they’ll sit in prison crying because of the guilt they feel”.

Now I’m sure not even the biggest fool among the anti-death penalty crowd believes that load of nonsense. If criminals thought life in prison was a greater punishment, why would they be getting their lawyers to file numerous, irrelevant appeals? These animals, most of them anyway don’t feel guilt.

The clown on this show said in the case of some killers, i.e. child killers, the other criminals would punish the murderer. That’s even cowardly for an anti-death penalty fool. We don’t send criminals to prison to be punished by other criminals, some of them may be bigger animals than the one they’re “punishing.

Again, the anti-death penalty clowns don’t really believe life in prison is a greater punishment, they feel they’re appealing to the “cruelty” of death penalty supporters, they feel if we think life in prison punishes them more, we’ll support it.

Two more things, the author being interviewed brings up the case of a person who’s been in prison several decades for a crime “he didn’t commit”. I don’t know the details of the case, but the author claims the “real murderer” came forward. I have a wee hunch that this “real murderer” didn’t leave his cushy job and comfortable home to confess to a crime he had gotten away scott free with. I’m betting this is the case of some convict, who’s already serving a life sentence and has no chance of being freed by even the most idiotic of OJ-type juries. I’d also bet he’s being rewarded in some way by some anti-death penalty activist group. Perhaps with a life-long supply of cigarettes, prison money, or perhaps conjugal visits by some prison groupie, anti-death penalty activist. Of curse I’m just speculating.

Another thing about the anti-death penalty crowd is the vast majority of them are pro-abortion.

Some anti-death penalty activists like to ask if death penalty supporters would be willing to execute a person. I say sign me up, but I wonder how many of them would be willing to perform an abortion. They’ll most likely lie and tell you they’re not pro-abortion, but “pro-choice”.

I’d tell them, I’m pro-choice too and support allowing a person to live (or die) with the consequences of their choice.

And lastly, in case I haven’t mentioned it, I really despise these people.



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