Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Three More USELESS California Gun Laws

Three new, silly and USELESS anti-gun laws take effect this year in California. Two of them in fact, are downright dangerous.

AB 1014 is the least silly of the new laws. This law will allow family members to ask a judge to temporarily remove a relative’s firearms if they can show evidence the person is a threat to others.

There’s no explanation of what that evidence will be and obviously it can be misused.

SB 199 requires airsoft and pellet guns to have bright markings so it won’t be mistaken for a real gun in public. The imbeciles in the State Senate came up with this dumb-assed idea after a few fools were shot by police after displaying a realistic-looking gun in public AND not following police orders to drop the weapon.

I have a few airsoft guns that came with the gay-looking bright orange barrels. Whenever I buy one of these, the first thing I do when I get home is paint the barrels black (or colored, if you’re politically correct). Obviously, I don’t take them out and wave them around in public.

The dangerous part of this is criminals can easily paint bright colors on real guns to make police hesitate before shooting them. Most police aren’t fools and realize this, so when someone points a weapon at them, brightly-colored or not, the idiot is probably going to get shot and justifiably so. Of course should that happen the anti-police activists will snivel and whine and claim he was “murdered” by police.

SB 707, the most dumb-assed and dangerous of the new laws should be called the “Come shoot up our school” law. California already has a ban on carrying firearms within 1000 feet of a school or college campus (I’m not sure what that means for people living within 1000 feet of a school). There was an exception for people with CCW permits. This new law does away with the exception.

Apparently these mindless, cowardly fools think someone intent of committing a mass murder at a school will come to a screeching halt 1000 feet from the campus and slink back to his home.

For obvious reasons, this moronic law is an open invitation to a mass shooter. Perhaps that’s the intent. A few more mass shootings and the left thinks it will get more people to agree with their primary agenda, a total ban on gun ownership and eventual confiscation.




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