Thursday, November 03, 2016

I’m selling out and voting for The Fraud (For now)

I’m selling out and voting for The Fraud (For now)

I’m ashamed to admit that after months of being a Never(EVER)Trump, it’s starting to look like I may vote for The Fraud. It disgusts me to even look at the words I just typed and I know I may lose some #nevertrump FB friends.

I don’t dislike Trump, if anything, my problem is more with his supporters. I can’t see why they voted for this fraud when there were at least two good Republican candidates running. I can excuse (to a point) the people who began to support him after he won the Republican primary, but as for the people who voted for him in the primaries, WHAT IN THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING??? Don’t give me that load of B.S. about trump not being a politician and his being an “outsider”. If he’s running for office, he’s a POLITICIAN. If he’s funding politicians, he’s NOT an “outsider”.

Trump pretty much changes his position on an issue every time he buys a new suit, or new wife for that matter, he’s attacked and even lied about other Republicans, he’s donated money to Demoncrats and has spoken about what good friends he is with the Clintons, THE CLINTONS!!! I can see having a liberal friend or two (actually, no I can’t, liberals are degenerate pukes), but the Clintons are useless, barely-human Marxists.

Yet Trump would have us believe he’s “changed his mind” since those long ago (i.e. four years ago) events and that he now hates HilLIARy and sees her as unfit for the presidency (Even though he thought she was doing a good job as Secretary of State). The Storm Trumpers take this fraud at his word and treasure his verbal farts as if they were the writings of Our Founding fathers.

I highly suspect The Fraud has no intention of actually winning the election and his only reason for entering this race, other than self-promotion and perhaps gaining publicity for his next “reality” TV show is to divide the Republican party and get his BFF HilLIARy into office.

At the time of this writing, The Fraud is behind in the polls (Of course, as expected, his worshippers claim the polls are liberal lies) and stands about as much of a chance at winning the presidency as I have of waking up blond tomorrow morning. Should he pull even with HilLIARy he’ll excrete another verbal fart or another recording of him saying something stupid will “leak” in an attempt to turn some of his worshippers against him. Not to worry, he could make fun of a disabled person and his worshippers would excuse him. Never mind, he’s already been there and done that.

So, why am I considering voting for him? Trump has made several promises he has no intention of keeping, promises he doesn’t think he’ll ever be in the position to keep. However, HilLIARy will try to keep hers and her intention is to continue the liberal agenda of destroying this country.

Trump is only in this race to help himself (and HilLIARy). Should he win, he’ll do what’s good for Trump, and perhaps some of what’s good for Trump may also benefit the country. Rest assured, if he loses he’ll go back to funding Demoncrats, openly hanging out with the Clintons and trading whore-hopping war stories with Bill.

While I may vote for Trump, I’m still hoping for the giant meteor.



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