Monday, May 01, 2017

Riot On (It Works for Them)

Apparently, conservatives have been doing protests all wrong. When we’re opposed to a goofy political or social policy we contact our congressman or write a letter to the editor. If we do protest, we do it peaceably. The Anarchist/Marxists on the other hand often riot, vandalize property and block streets and freeways.

However, rioting seems to be working for them. After they rioted several times to protest several shootings of black criminals by police and a legally-armed citizen, Obama’s Justice Department started meddling into the affairs of city police agencies.

The animals vandalized and burned property in response to the appearance of queer “Conservative” commentator Milo Yiannopoulos in Berkeley several months ago. I don’t think Milo should be considered a “Conservative” icon, but the rioting should not have been tolerated.

Because of the rioting, the appearance of David Horrowitz of was cancelled because the university said they couldn’t (or rather wouldn’t) guarantee the safety of Horrowitz and the audience. A few months later when (somewhat) conservative writer and commentator Ann Coulter was invited to speak by the UC Berkeley College Republicans, the university cancelled the event for the same reasons.

Of course, Ann being Ann planned to come and speak anyway. To their credit, the College Republicans filled a lawsuit over the cancellation of the event. I’d even planned to attend. After another sponsor of the event, the Young Americans for Freedom backed out of their sponsorship, the even was canceled to good and the animals won again.

There was a Facebook meme posted sometime last year that said, “If Conservatives were as violent as Liberals claimed they were, there would be no more Liberals”.

While I wouldn’t want Conservatives to go that far, sometimes I almost wish we would whack a few violent liberal protestors.

Of course, if we did that, the liberals in power wouldn’t allow police to be as lenient as they are with liberal protestors.



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